Silver Bullet Daytona Hair Dryer

Win The Race

Blow-drying is a race. Silver Bullet Daytona Hair Dryer is faster and better. Move beyond traditional hair dryers and elevate your blow-dry with a brilliantly lightweight, compact hair dryer. Enjoy high speed, digital technology and self-cleaning functionality.

Silver Bullet Daytona Hair Dryer is driven to success by a high power 1000 hour, 105,000 rpm 29mm BLDC motor. Five performance modes: fine, normal, turbo, hot and manual. 7 heat/3 speed manual settings and an ionic generator for the smoothest, shiniest results. Amazingly lightweight and compact with strong aluminium housing. Auto self-cleaning function for easy maintenance and optimal performance. Digital display for ease of use. Complete with a sleek, futuristic design, Silver Bullet Daytona Hair Dryer is a brilliantly lightweight, compact hair dryer which outpaces the rest.

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  • Lightweight, compact hair dryer
  • High power 1000 hour 105,000 rpm 29mm BLDC motor
  • Five performance modes: fine (FN), normal (NL), turbo (TU), hot (HT), manual (ADJ)
  • Manual settings: 3 speed/7 heat
  • 20 m/s airflow
  • Ionic generator for smoother, shinier results
  • Strong aluminium housing
  • Digital display
  • Auto self-cleaning function
  • Cold shot setting
  • Sleek, futuristic design
  • Includes one styling nozzle
  • Two year warranty

IMPORTANT– Dryer filter should be cleaned regularly.


  • Remove the filter cover from the bottom of the handle.
  • Plug in the dryer to a power point and within 10 seconds without turning the dryer on, press the air speed and mode switches for 5 secs.
  • The dryer will then start a cleaning mode with the motor going into reverse.
  • The motor will turn off automatically after 8 seconds.
  • Make sure the filter cover is clear of debris and reattach the filter cover.
  • A few seconds later you can start using the dryer as normal by pressing the on/off switch on.

MEMORY FUNCTION: Memory Function resets speed/heat settings to the same setting to those when the dryer was last used to be identical the next time the dryer is used.

ADJUSTING TEMPERATURE: Press the mode switch for 1 second to enter the Manual Mode (ADJ). There are 7 temperature settings in the Manual Mode (ADJ): 100˚C, 40˚c, 50˚C, 60˚C, 70˚C, 80˚C, 90˚C. Press the mode switch for 0.1 seconds to change the temperature.

MODE SWITCH: Press to change Modes. The Modes are: Fine hair FN (45˚C); Normal hair NL (55˚C); Manual operation ADJ (7heats); Hot HT (95˚C) and Turbo TU (75˚C).

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