Silver Bullet Asteria Hair Straightener

Intelligent Styling

The future is flawless from roots to tips. Silver Bullet Asteria Hair Straightener features new intelligent sensing technology which automatically adjusts the temperature of the plates while styling. Faster, easier, smarter styling.

Designed to prevent help damage to hair, this futuristic hair straightener’s built-in sensor automatically adjusts the temperature as needed. Your hair will thank you. With 32mm titanium plates, five heat settings up to 230°C, fast heat-up and an ionic generator, results are gorgeously shiny for all hair types. Frizz and flyaways reduced while smoothness abounds. Lightweight design with dual voltage for worldwide use. LED temperature indicator and auto cut-off after 60 minutes.

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  • Professional hair straightener with 32mm titanium plates for smooth, efficient styling
  • Intelligent Sensing Technology: built-in sensor automatically adjusts temperature from roots to ends, helping to prevent hair damage and ensure even heat distribution
  • Adjustable heat up to 230°C, making it suitable for all hair types and providing personalised styling
  • Ultra-fast PTC heater delivers quick, instant results, saving you time during your styling routine
  • Ionic generator produces a glossy, frizz-free, salon-quality finish
  • Straightener controls located on the inside of the handle prevent accidental changes, allowing for uninterrupted styling
  • LED temperature indicators let you easily see the temperature, ensuring precise control
  • Locking design enables convenient storage
  • Auto cut-off after 60 minutes offers peace of mind
  • Dual voltage compatibility ensures worldwide use, making it perfect for travel
  • Professional 360° swivel power cord provides ease of use, allowing for flexible movement and styling
  • Includes a quilted storage pouch with an attached foldout heat mat to protect surfaces from heat damage
  • Three-year warranty offers assurance of quality

This straightener is dual voltage (120-240 volts) and automatically adjusts to the correct voltage when plugged into a power outlet. When required, use an adapter plug (not included) with the correct configuration prior to use.

Intelligent sensor with heat protect mode adjusts temperature automatically according to the characteristics of your hair to reduce dullness, colour fade, hair damage and to protect hair. To turn ON/OFF the sensor, press the sensor on the inside of the straightener.

To use the housing lock on the straightener, hold the top outer casing of the plates together and push the switch into the lock position. To unlock, again hold the plates together and release the switch.

For smoothing frizz, first apply a thermal protectant product. Section hair, approximately 2cm thick. The thinner the section the better the result. Place straightener at the roots and slowly slide through to the ends. Repeat until all desired sections of the hair have been smoothed.

For curling hair, first apply a thermal protectant product. Section hair, approximately 2cm thick. The thinner the section the better the result. Place straightener at the roots and flip the straightener upside down. Whilst holding the ends, slowly slide the straightener all the way through the section of hair. Catch, twist slightly to reform the curl, then leave to cool. The slower the straightener is pulled through the section, the tighter the curl will be. Repeat until all desired sections of the hair have been curled.

To create volume, first pull each section of dry hair out to a 90° angle from the scalp and then gently move the straightener down to the end of the section as normal. Release the section after a couple of seconds once cooled.

To create kicks or flicks, instead of moving the straightener straight down each section, use a ‘c’ like motion moving toward or away from the head depending on the desired result. A kick out needs the straightener moving away from the head. A kick under needs the straightener moving towards the head.

  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Guaranteed product authenticity
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  • Free delivery $99 and over, Australia-wide
  • Click and Collect option available in Sydney and Perth
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